Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Our America's Take on Polyamory

Here's 6 reasons why I just plain like this spot:

  1. These are real people, not at all like the glamorized people on other (so-called) reality shows. (I'm looking at you Showtime.) I can actually see how these people could be anyone I know.
  2. These individuals are vulnerable, and they are comfortable being so. They don't come off as overly confident and emotionally impenatrable. They recognize the vulnerable position their relationship structure places them in. They know they can be hurt, but the message that comes across is that what they gain vis-a-vis polyamory is worth the risk.
  3. They talk about how opening an existing relationship deepens the relationship. And I think this deepening extends to all relationships a person can have. Not just of the romantic/sexual variety.
  4. They make it clear that they're not finished growing. Personal growth is emphasized as an ongoing process for a polyamorous framework. Additionally, their current relationship structure isn't set in stone. They are open to, though not necessarily actively searching for, new partners. As a group and as individuals, they are a living growing, changing organism. Perfect.
  5. They have a blog of their own where you can follow their story! athiest, polyamorous, skeptics
  6. They are playing Settlers of Catan! YES WE CATAN!
For once, television got it right.